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Hi Shed people,

We hope you are all well, enjoying summer in some newly found way and keeping happy.  This Guy and That Guy got together in the garden and did Glasthomebury in a particularly grand way for six people last weekend. Not a patch on being there but it made us feel a little better at least.

As summer offers up much entertainment for all even in lockdown, us included, we have decided to move from every week in the SHED to the 2nd and 4th Saturdays every month. That way we will have time to put on better sets and hopefully get a little more creative. 


So we are taking one more week off from the SHED and getting going on the 11th with a big happy night of summer tunes.  Please message us your suggestions on FB or Insta.


As this Saturday is pub opening we have no doubt that it will be carnage out there, so please safe.  Go to the offy get a load of cider in, stay home and feel proud that you're not our there spreading the Miley Cirus. 

Big Love,

Jus Cos.

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