Welcome to the SHED

We are back for Autumn and Halloween.

31st October - 9pm to Midnight (UK)  

Hi Shed people,

We hope that you enjoyed the summer.  Okay, there were no festivals, we couldn't dance together or hold big BBQs but the weather was great and we could drink beer alfresco. in 2020 we take what we can get.

Now that the evenings are dark and cold and most of us are back in some sort of restricted routine its time to get back in the shed, play some tunes and dig deep for our festival vibe once more.


We kick off for Halloween with the shed man himself, This Guy, doing the full three hours.  And from there we'll do one or two a month over Autumn and Winter and try and get a couple of surprises in there somewhere. 


Over the summer we've pimped up our streaming hardware and the internet connection to a PHAT pipe. We are expecting HD quality this winter.  We hope you can join us. 

Big Love,

Jus Cos.

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